Calibration Pricing

Please note: Effective August 2021, Odin Metrology, Inc. is implementing a price increase.

All calibrations include before & after data. Please call or e-mail us for pricing and quotes.

Most sound level meter prices do not include the calibration price for the microphone. Microphones are almost always calibrated separately from the sound level meter. Exceptions include meters without removable microphones and some lower-end sound level meters.

For accelerometers, discount pricing is available on quantities of 10 or more non-seismic accelerometers on same PO. *Triaxial accelerometers contain three individual axes which are calibrated separately. Accelerometer mounted resonance plot is still available. (see example--page 3)

The following items are no longer being accepted for calibration (please contact the manufacturers for servicing):
    Brüel & Kjær 4930 Artificial Mastoids
    Brüel & Kjær 8000/8001 Impedance Heads
    All PCB, Endevco, Kissler & Kulite Pressure Transducers (i.e. 2510, 8510B Series, XTEL-190, etc.)

Other quantity pricing may be available upon request. Please call or email us to arrange for special pricing.